Instagram is considered as one of the many popular social media sites operating at present. It’s a platform designed to allow users share photos and videos publicly or privately. If you like to reach out a wider audience, you begin with collecting Instagram followers.

You can get free Instagram followers without the need for you to spend a huge amount of money. By following these ways, rest assured that you will get more Instagram followers instantly:

Public Accounts

If your account is private, it is only your friends who will be able to see what you share. Therefore, the first step to get free Instagram followers fast is through going public. For people who are worried about their privacy, they can keep a check what to share on Instagram.

Regular Uploads

You have to remember that a dormant account does not usually get a lot of followers. Instagram users who are active regularly tend to unfollow such dormant accounts. Thus, the strategy is to update your account through posting captivating, original, and new content. As a rule of thumb, never post too little, yet never flood your page. One photo a day may do the job.


Instagram utilizes hashtags for filtering photos. Once you search for photos, the social media site will display every photograph using a hashtag. Fame isn’t the only criteria when choosing hashtags to use with your photographs. You must also use some relevant things.

Use Filters

Why should you filters? Well, these improve the look of the photo you upload, which adds a more personalized touch. This sense of added beauty is good enough to draw followers who like following quality work. Check how the particular filter looks before you apply it.

Picture Collages

Rather than uploading a lone picture, you may combine different images into one. These images are much engaging because they tell a story. There are different free and paid, 3rd party collage makers as well as photo editing apps you may use for this purpose.

Timing is Everything

A breathtaking photo will get no viewers if post it when the whole community of Instagram is asleep. Morning is the peak times on Instagram. Many people also use Instagram after their working hours. So, always time your uploads properly.

Like, Comment, and Follow

Another way to get free Instagram followers is to follow others. If you like to get free Instagram likes, you should also take a step further through commenting and liking on the photos and videos of others. You will likely grab the attention of the photo owner and some of her or his followers.

There are other ways on how to get free Instagram followers. Once you have enough followers and you want your shared photos or videos to get more likes, it is now time for you to get free Instagram likes. To get more of these, you should share something interesting or exceptional that would amaze your Instagram followers.


date16 Mar