Your Guide To Today’s Hottest eBook Readers!

If you haven’t heard about ebook readers by now, you will soon! Thanks to the explosive popularity of the Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and the Sony Reader, more and more people are packing those books away and they’re going digital.

Simply put, eBook readers are revolutionizing the book industry!

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So what is an eBook reader? They are ultra-light portable devices that allow you to read “electronic books.” These electronic books are digital versions of physical paper-filled books. Some of these devices can hold up to 200 electronic versions of your favorite books! Imagine having 200 books stored on a device that is about the size and weight of one paperback book!

There are literally thousands of titles to choose from and the list continues to grow everyday. If there isn’t a digital version of your favorite book today there probably will be tomorrow! Not only is the selection of titles growing by leaps and bounds, but ebooks are about half the price of hardcover books.

eBook Readers Resource promises to be your complete guide to the most popular ebooks readers available today. The hottest device right now is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite which is the new and improved Kindle. At this link you can learn more about e-book reading devices.

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eBooks are great! They’re lightweight, mobile, and often have access to the Internet. They have a wide variety of devices that are compatible with them, and they usually offer a much easier reading experience than the paper versions do. So you can have your books in your pocket! However, in order to read your eBooks on your eReader, you need to find one that will do the job.

That’s where this eBook Readers guide comes in. Whether you’ve just gotten your first eBook reader or you’re looking for a new one, this guide will help you find the right eBook reader for you.

How to choose an eBook Reader: 3 Things to Consider

Before buying a new eReader, it’s important to have a good idea of what you’ll be using it for. There are many factors that go into the decision, but there are three things you should think about:

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1. Software

Most eReaders use software to read eBooks. This software is usually either integrated or downloadable and is used to sync your eBook library with the device. Depending on the eReader, some devices may use eReader-specific software while others may use more general applications. The software will be specific to the device’s operating system, and it may be used by other applications.

You’ll have to look for the manufacturer’s recommended software. If the eReader uses eReader-specific software, it will probably be easy to find it. If it’s integrated or the software is downloaded, it may be tough to find.

2. Formats

It’s important to find out the eReader’s format. How many simultaneous programs will the eReader handle? How much storage space is available for eBooks? If you’re using a different eReader or buying a new one, you’ll need to check what formats your new device supports.

3. Compatibility

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to check for compatibility. Will your eBooks and eReader work together? Depending on how compatible they are, you may be able to skip buying eBooks for the eReader.

For example, if you’re trying to buy eBooks on your Kindle for PC, you may be able to use the Kindle or a Kindle app on your PC. You can see what works on what Kindle on the Kindle site ( ).

The eReaders have varied hardware components and have varying functions. The first two are basic eReaders with a built-in screen.