How to get Free Books on Kindle

After spending a pretty penny for your Amazon Kindle device, you would be pleased with the fact that most ebooks offered by Amazon are pretty cheap. Now here’s even better news: you can actually get Free Books on Kindle without having to spend a dime.

Of course, you won’t expect to see the latest bestsellers on that free book list but you can really find some good choices if you take the time and effort to browse through.

So if you’re looking to save on your reading material after having splurged a lot on your ebook-reading device, these tips on how to find gratis readings for your device will help you.

Where to download kindle books free illegally ?

You can download for free illegally from Amazon – Gratis ebooks

What better source of ebooks specially formatted for the Kindl3 than the maker of the device itself? Amazon may not be heavily promoting gratis readings but you’d be surprised at the number of gratis stuff that you can find there.

How to Download Books on Kindle for free

Here is a step by step downloading guide:

  • 1. Go to, then choose Books, then Kindle B00ks.
  • 2. Scroll down to the middle of the page to the link that says “See all Kindle books” or choose a category on the left side of the page, e.g. Fiction or Humor.
  • 3. On the upper right hand of the page, you can find a drop down tool bar that lets you sort the ebooks by different categories. Choose Price: Low to High.
  • 4. The first ebooks to appear on the list will then be those which are priced at $0.00.
  • 5. When you click the Buy button, the device will then send the book wirelessly to your device.

Other Sites That Offer Gratis eBooks

1. Project Gutenberg ( has over a hundred thousand ebook titles to choose from. You do however, have the option to make a donation to the site through Paypal.

2. Munsey’s ( has a good selection of ebooks, although you won’t find descriptions for many of these.

3. Fictionwise (, is a good source of bestsellers, discounted, and yes, even gratis ebooks. There are more than 15,000 available.

4. Freetechbooks ( specializes in tech books that, as the site’s name implies, come for gratis.

5. Feedbooks ( offers not only free ebooks but also the opportunity to have your own published.

How to get free books on the Kindle: Conclusion

Many potential buyers of the Kindl are sometimes discouraged with the thought of having to always spend for additional ebooks. After all, what good is having a device when you can’t have it updated with new content if your budget doesn’t allow you to?

But now you know better. Once you buy the device, you don’t actually have to keep on spending as long as you know how to find things for gratis.