How to read PDF on Kindle

All Kindle versions from the second generation to the latest-generation 6-inch Kindle now natively support PDF. But How to read PDF on Kindle 1?

Can i read PDF on Kindle?

Yes, you can. Users of these devices can now automatically read PDF files, use the landscape mode for wide-format viewing, and add bookmarks. While these features were inherent with the DX model, the early version of the Kindle 2 did not have these capabilities then. But thanks to a software update, PDF reading is no longer an issue now.

This would leave only the first generation owners to deal with the problem. Although Amazon does offer a way to convert PDF and DOCX files to AZW (Amazon’s proprietary format) for the 1st generation Kindle, the conversion is still labeled as an experimental feature and there are no guarantees that the file will be formatted correctly.

That said, here are the ways on how to convert documents.

How to convert PDF to Kindle format

Send the file to Amazon for conversion.

These are the steps to follow to have your file converted as outlined in the Help page of The same process applies to personal documents you want to be converted.

  • 1. Open a new e-mail message in your e-mail client.
  • 2. Check to make sure the “From” address is on your approved e-mail address list.
  • 3. Enter the desired e-mail address in the “To” field. Use the “name” address for wireless delivery, or “name” for free delivery to the e-mail address associated with your account.
  • 4. Attach your document or documents to the e-mail message. If you are sending multiple files, you can compress them into a .ZIP file.
  • 5. Send the e-mail with attachments. A subject line is not needed.
  • 6. Personal documents below 5 MB in officially supported file formats are typically delivered to the “name” e-mail address within 5 minutes (per document). Personal documents above 5 MB may take longer.
  • 7. Personal documents below 5 MB in officially supported file formats are typically ready for wireless auto-delivery to your device within 5 minutes (per document), not including actual wireless download time, which will vary with document size. Personal documents above 5 MB may take longer.

There are a couple of things to remember here: First, document conversion may take more than 5 minutes (unlike other docs); and secondly, fees – 15 cents per MB – apply for wireless delivery to your device.

To have your file converted for free, just send it to “name” and the converted document will be sent to the email address linked to the Amazon account. From there, you can download the file to your device via USB connection.

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How to Do the Kindle PDF conversion yourself

Here’s a step-by-step process if you want a do it yourself approach.

PDF conversion for a PC user – MobiPocket Creator

  • 1. You can convert your files using the Mobi Pocket Creator which is a free software. You need to choose the MobiPocker Creator Publisher edition.
  • 2. When you run the MobiPocket Creator, you should see on the right side of the main page an option to Import From Existing File. Among the file types included are Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word Documents.
  • 3. Choose a file from your computer and then click Import. This process should be done in a matter of seconds.
  • 4. MobiPocket Creator will then take you to the next page where you can Build the document as an ebook.
  • 5. Once the Build process is done, you are given the option to preview the file. Or you can directly choose to Open folder containing ebook.
  • 6. You will find a .prc file of your document in the folder and this is what you should copy to your Kindle’s document folder via USB.

PDF conversion for a MAC user – Stanza

  • 1. Open your document file using Stanza.
  • 2. Then attach your device to your MAC using the USB connector that comes with the device.
  • 3. Select File, then Export Book As, then Amazon device.
  • 4. On the Save File dialog, browse to your kindle. Note that it will appear under the name you gave it when you first registered.

Closing Line

As mentioned above, the conversion, whether through Amazon or any other software, could be a hit or miss. If you intend to do a lot of PDF reading on your device, then upgrading to a newer Kindle model is worth considering.