Kindle Paperwhite vs. Voyage: Pros, Cons and Verdict

Looking to compare the Kindle Paperwhite vs. Voyage? Amazon is an unrivaled leader in the e-reader market. Even with competitors like Nook and Kobo, Amazon remains largely unmatched, it’s offering of e-readers standing a few classes apart from their rivals, not only in terms of popularity but efficacy.

Proving particularly popular among Amazon’s line of Kindle devices is the Voyage and the Paperwhite, two e-readers that continue to contend against one another for the top spot.

If you are a believer in reading, the Kindle is a product of a very good choice at the present time. It is a very high recommendation of customers and it always is the best-selling e-reader product in all stores in the US.

Let’s start with the Kindle Paperwhite vs Voyage comparison

Kindle Paperwhite vs. Voyage: In-Depth Comparison

If you find yourself having to choose between these two giants in the e-reader arena, the chances are high that you will have a difficult time making a decision.

After all, these are Amazon’s most popular devices. There are some differences in their features, however, distinctive elements that set them apart and which you can use to determine which of the two, is the most effective reader for your needs.


There is a marked improvement in the design of the Voyage. At 180g (7.6mm thickness), the device has a magnesium back instead of plastic, and its appearance features a lot of sharp lines, delivering an angular design. Along with a slim form-factor and negligible weight, the e-reader fits perfectly into one’s hand, promising a more pleasurable experience.

At 205g (9.1mm thickness) the Paperwhite is hardly heavy; however, if you hold both devices, you will most definitely notice a difference between them. Admittedly, this isn’t a difference that is going to matter in the long run.


Of the two e-readers, the Voyage has the superior screen, boasting a resolution of 300 pixels-per-inch, ensuring a far clearer image, at least in comparison to the Paperwhite’s 212 pixels-per-inch resolution.

If you cannot decide whether or not this matters, know that this difference in resolution isn’t as noticeable with text but it will definitely manifest when you are dealing with graphics. For some consumers, the Voyage’s superior resolution might justify the $60-80 difference between its price tag and that of the standard kindle.

Reading Light and Touch Screen

While both devices have integrated lights of similar brightness, the Voyage typically looks cleaner. It also has mechanisms that will adjust the brightness to adapt to your environment. Also, some consumers might also appreciate its touch screen capabilities, specifically the vibration feedback and the fact that you can turn pages back and forth as one would a normal book.

Battery life

While the standard Kindle will last you four weeks following a single charge, you can use the Voyage for up to six weeks, presuming that you keep the wireless connection off and the light turned to a decent setting.

The Paperwhite, on the other hand, will last an impressive eight weeks on a single charge, this explaining why it needs one hour more to charge. The fact that the Paperwhite is not as powerful in terms of resolution explains why its battery life is so much better

Amazon Kindle Voyage: Pros and Cons

amazon kindle voyage image

  • 1.It has a decently sized screen with a rather impressive resolution of 300 pixels-per-inch.
  • 2.There are mechanisms designed to adapt the brightness of the screen’s light to the reader’s environment.
  • 3.The device is very thin and quite light.
  • 4.The six-week battery life is pretty impressive.
  • 1.The storage cannot be expanded.
  • 2.The device doesn’t come with a power adapter.
  • 3.The model is rather pricey.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Pros and Cons

amazon kindle paperwhite image

  • 1.The device has a very impressive battery life.
  • 2.The performance of the model is immediate and satisfactory.
  • 3.The screen has a decent resolution. It also includes a built-in reading light.
  • 4.Consumers can take advantage of Amazon’s massive collection of eBooks.
  • 1.The headphone jack is absent.
  • 2.The device doesn’t come with a power adapter.
  • 3.Consumers that want the 3G option can expect to spend a lot of money.
  • 4.Sometimes, dark spots emerge at the bottom of the screen.

Voyage vs. Paperwhite: Closing Line

On a whole, the Kindle Voyage is the superior device. It is essentially a refined version of the Paperwhite, bringing a few new features to the table.

However, if you cannot contend with the voyage’s rather steep price, do not fret. The Paperwhite is also a decent e-reader and should prove to be a notable alternative to the voyage. Buy it on Amazon is the best choice for prices as well as shipping services.