Kindle Voyage vs. Kindle Oasis: Which one is the better? [2021]

Amazon first released its Kindle Voyage model on November 19, 2007, while the first generation of the Oasis hit the market on April 13, 2016. Although both devices were passionately crafted for ebook readers only one can win this comparison.

So, which one would win in a Kindle Voyage vs Oasis comparison?

This question is lurking among users in the Kindle community for a long time now.

Kindle Voyage vs. Oasis Comparison

Both devices were crafted with the idea of offering the best reading experience to their users.
But which one would it truly succeed? Let’s find out.

The Oasis comes in a light and thin ergonomic design. With built-in Audible not only that you can read your favorite books but you can also listen to audiobooks. The automatic adaptive front light ensures that you have a perfect reading in any environment. Also being waterproof you have no worries when reading in your bathroom or by the pool. On the other hand, the Voyage comes with a clean design, and it’s both, tough and smooth.

  • Amazon Kindle Oasis Pros

– Firstly, it has 28GB more internal storage.
– Secondly, it has an approximately 17 % bigger screen size.
– quicker charge time.
– higher resolution.
– battery level indicator and cellular mode.

  • Kindle Voyage Pros

– approximately 8 grams lighter.
– access to the library to “borrow” e-books.
– approximately 2 cm narrower.
– 1 cm thinner.

Kindle Oasis vs. Voyage In Depth Comparison

kindle voyage vs. oasis

Kindle Voyage vs. Kindle Oasis


The Oasis comes in a light and thin ergonomic design. It is only 8 grams heavier( Both devices have almost similar weight) but this is negligible even when you are reading for hours. It is also Weather-sealed against dust, water splash, and raindrops. Also, while reading, you get page turn buttons. On the other hand the Voyages offers Page turns using the touch screen.

Even if a lower weight is always recommended when you look for an ebook reader, the difference here is too small to take into account.

They are both pretty similar in thickness and height so we’re not going to insist too much here.

The only notable difference in terms of size and shape is the width which is higher on the Oasis model with approximately 3 cm. A lighter device ensures better maneuverability.


The Oasis has a 7-inch display while the Voyage has a tinier 6-inch display. Both have anti-reflection coating and use an e-paper display which allows the user to read in direct sunlight without problems. While both have a 300 PPI pixel density screen’s resolution the Oasis has a better 1264 x 1680px screen resolution versus its rival with a 758 x 1024px.

Storage Space

The internal storage on the Oasis is bigger. You can get up to 32 Gb with a memory card. The Voyage only offers a 4 GB memory space but this might be enough for a thousand books to store.

Wi-Fi & Connectivity

Both Support Wi-Fi and have a searching browser but only the All-New Oasis offers a cellular module.

Battery life

As we said in the beginning the Oasis battery charges faster with approximately one hour. However, non offers wireless charging or has a removable battery. This might be an impediment when you try to replace your old battery because it can’t be done at home. But don’t worry. The batteries are Lithium polymer and have years of lifetime.

Other features

Only the Voyage has access to a real library to borrow books and offers free syncing OTA with which you can sync all your contacts and calendar dates.

Both ebook readers support formats like Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), (AZW), HTML, TXT, PDF, Unprotected MOBI, JPEG, PNG, Gif, PRC natively, DOC, DOCX. Only the Oasi supports Audible audio format (AAX).

Kindle Oasis versus Voyage: Closing Line

Comparing these devices we learned that either ebook reader we choose we won’t be disappointed. If you want to update your device to the latest models of the year 2020 then the Oasis is the Best choice you can make, however, the old underdog won’t let you down either. So it’s really a matter of taste after all.